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El Zayat Tourism-Business Representation & Consultancy

Founded in 2003, El Zayat is a leading service provider delivering top-notch representation and promotional services to tourism destinations and national business authorities either on a long-term or Ad hoc project basis.


El Zayat team extensive experience, exclusive B2B free database access and communication, robust on-ground network, presence and coverage, and exceptional connection with stakeholders and partners, give our clients a competitive advantage, enabling them to enhance their market share and increase their returns on investment in the Middle East.

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Tourism & Hotels Representation

Regardless of the size, accessibility, and popularity of a destination, carrying out in-depth research, opinion polls, strategic positioning mapping, B2B, and media education, followed by providing customized and effectively communicated products and promotions through a variety of distribution channels and high-return partnerships, RAISES the possibility of winning over more business share from rivals at a lower Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC).


Since El Zayat establishment in 2003, we have collaborated with International and Regional Tourism Authorities as well as hotel chains, assisting them in boosting Middle East arrivals. Through our support and guidance, their investments have demonstrated success in conversion rates, year-over-year arrivals, and CAC value.


With unprecedented success, El Zayat has consistently provided destinations and hotels with customized solutions that significantly contribute to their overall business in the Middle East.

Since 2023, we expanded our offering and introduced new promotion fixed packages with different fees and features to appeal to a wider market. Now, even destinations and hotels with limited Middle Eastern businesses and budgets can benefit from our services by choosing a package that suits their specific needs.

Projects & Success Stories
2004 - 2015

DTCM – Dubai - UAE “Department of Tourism & Commerce Marketing – Dubai Government”

launched DTCM 1st Representation offices in the ME to develop the KSA & GCC traffic to Dubai, we managed to increase arrivals from less than 500k visitors in 2004 to over 2.5 million visitors in 2015


Cruise Arabia – UAE & Oman

Developed the framework of Cruise Arabia and together with founding cities/countries (Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Oman) managed to persuade International Cruise Operators to include it in their winter programs. Today, Cruise Arabia is considered one of the leading segments contributing to overall regional Tourism

Rocco Forte

Saudi Arabia Sales representation office

2008, 2012-2015, & 2019

Jebel Ali Resorts

Operating as GCC Regional B2B Sales Office, to promote and sell JA properties across Saudi Arabia Market


Kerzner Hotel Group

Saudi Offices promoting and selling Kerzner properties through Saudi Arabia B2B partners


Hungarian National Tourist Office

Organization of educational B2B workshops

2010 - 2013

Shangri-La Hotels & Resorts

UAE Shangri-La Properties Sales representation office in Saudi Arabia Market

Mandarin Oriental Hotels

Saudi Arabia sales representation office

2012 - 2016

Visit Britain – UK

Organizing education trade workshops, undertaking B2C mall activation, and the organization of trade roadshows

2016 - 2018

YAS Island – Abu Dhabi - UAE

GCC & Egypt Sales and Marketing Representation (Island and parks)

2020 - Present

Oman Ministry of Heritage and Tourism

Saudi Arabia B2B representation office

Maybourne Hotels

Saudi Arabia sales representation office


Cyprus Tourism Board

Operated as Saudi Arabia Regional Marketing office, educating and promoting the destination through organizing B2B trade workshops, road show and B2B2C activation


Dubai Parks & Resorts

B2B launching in ME (GCC
and Egypt) and developing B2B partnerships with major trade stakeholders

2016 - 2018

Bahrain Tourism & Exhibition Authority

1st Representation office for Bahrain Tourism in Saudi Arabia & Kuwait, and in the 1st year we reached 12%+ growth in Saudi nationals overnight travelers to Bahrain and maintained the same average for the following 2 years

2014 - 2018

Qatar Tourism Authority

QTA 1st GCC Representation Office and in 1 year managed to increase GCC incoming tourists to Qatar by 16% and maintained a similar average for the following years

2013 - 2014

Souq Waqif Boutique Hotels-Qatar

Promoting and selling SWBH properties across the Saudi Arabia Market

Pricipe di Savoia Hotel-Milan

GCC Sales representation office

2021 - Present

Ras Al Khaimah Tourism (RAKTDA)

GCC B2B representation office

Business Representation

Since 2009, El Zayat has played a key role in supporting national trade and business authorities to increase exports and re-exports by producers and exporters in source markets to importers and distributors in the Middle East and Africa. Our focus extends to high-consumption markets including but not limited to Egypt, KSA, Kenya, and others.


We facilitate the growth of trade and business transactions by establishing dynamic communication platforms, connecting exporters with importers, distributors, and vice versa. This is tailored to the specific needs of both parties and aligned with HS code specifications.


El Zayat offers personalized representation services with a fee structure that considers the client's organizational type, scale of operation, and regional coverage. Our commitment is to provide effective support for organizations seeking to expand their business footprint in these target markets.

Projects & Success Stories
2009 - 2018

Dubai Export Corporation - Dubai, UAE

Full representation throughout Saudi Arabia and Egypt with projects in Africa and Levant.

2019 - Present

Dubai Export Corporation - Dubai, UAE

Regional representation in Egypt and Africa


Bahrain Economic Development Board

Promotional activities in Saudi Arabia & seeking investment opportunities

Research & Studies

Since our company's inception, obtaining reliable data has been a challenge, with constant doubts about the validity of information from various sources.


Study and research form a crucial component of our operations, conducted by a diverse group of international professionals and senior academic staff. These experts, hailing from different nationalities, locations, and backgrounds, collectively contribute to a comprehensive and well-rounded approach.


Our on-site resources comprise a multilingual and well-connected team of academic and professional experts. This unique composition provides our company with a robust competitive edge, allowing us to offer solid recommendations and dependable insights. This capability empowers decision-makers to enhance operational performance and maximize return on investment value.

Projects & Success Stories

DTCM “Department of Tourism & Commerce Marketing – Dubai Government”

The development of the 1st dedicated fully fledged Cruise Terminal

Fairmont & Kingdom Holdings

Studying the feasibility of managing Makkah Clock Tower, developing a Business Plan, 5 years financial forecast, and pre-opening plan including setting management directions across the operation covering the structure, HR, administration, marketing, sales, and operation, in addition, to developing
Fairmont International bidding to Bin Laden to manage Makkah Clock

Aref Group/Munshaat - Kuwait

- Evaluating Sukook's financial performance, re-positioning Zamzam
Tower-Makkah remaining sukook, re-pricing, and financial forecast.
- Evaluating the Dar Al Qibla Al Safa Project, developing financial forecast and surveying Maddinah's inventory to re-forecast future demand and supply covering future MEGA infrastructure projects and its impact on Maddinah performance

Riyadh High Commission for Development – Saudi Arabia

5 years strategic tourism plan and developing a 5-year action plan to develop Riyadh's tourism positioning and developing its tourism structure in coordination with Saudi Tourism Commission (AKA Saudi Ministry of Tourism)

Fair Real Estate – Kuwait

Studying the feasibility of acquiring Al Maqam Makkah for 25 years on a freehold investment basis, including evaluating 20 years financial returns

Fairmont & Saudi Bin Laden Group

  • Developing a study to quantify Makkah & Madinah hotel supply covering 5, 4, 3, 2, and 1-star properties as well as seasonal hotels & apartment establishments.
  • Studying Makkah & Madinah's past, current, and future demand

Ajman Tourism Development Department

Studying Ajman Destination, supply and demand, touristic positioning, reviewing ATDD's current structure and operation, and developing 5 years Strategic Plan including the re-structure of the department

Saudi Commission Of Tourism And Heritage

Reviewing and benchmarking hotel establishments classification and licensing process to meet international standards

Singapore Tourism Board

Studying the feasibility of educational tourism
product for the GCC region and organizing B2B promotional communication to support the product in the Saudi Arabia Market

Ras Al Khaimah Tourism (RAKTDA)

Reviewing and developing the destination promotion department’s 5-year plan to reach 3 million visitors by 2027

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